IELTS Speaking Actual Tests and Suggested Answers. (January – April ) This ebook provides model answers for IELTS Speaking Actual. Tests that appears in recent house for almost ten years. Comparing to the old. IELTS Speaking Actual Tests & Suggested Answers (Ebook) aims to help Speaking Recent Actual Test in January & Sample Answers. IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests & Suggested Answers (1) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Speaking IELTS.

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IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests and Suggested Answers (IELTS Material Book ) - site edition by IELTSMATERIAL Publishing, IELTS. IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests & Suggested Answers, đây chắc chắn là cuốn tài liệu cực chất lượng cho các sĩ tử muốn nâng cao điểm. IELTS Speaking Actual Tests and Suggested Answers. (February Although during my childhood my family had to move a lot, I've lived in the most recent.

To cheer SO up idiom to make or become less miserable To overcome an obstacle phrase to succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty 4. Transportation 4. Whats the most popular means of transportation in your hometown? Without any doubt I would say motorbikes. Almost everyone travels by motorbike. The reason why motorbike is so popular I think is due to their reasonable price and convenience. They also extremely varied in terms of size, color and quality, thus a wide variety of choices is available for everyone.

How often do you take buses? Almost every day.

Since my house is so far away from my university, its impossible for me to travel by motorbike. In addition, the air is heavily polluted by exhaust fumes and traffic jams always take place, especially during peak hours. Thus, Id prefer to take the bus, to save time, save gasoline and causing less pollution. Vocabulary Exhaust fumes n waste gasses or air expelled from an engine, turbine, or another machine in the course of its operation. Traffic jam n a line or lines of stationary or very slow-moving traffic, caused by roadworks, an accident, or heavy congestion.

Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?

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Planes and trains regularly depart and arrive on time. Plus, there are many convenient facilities catering particularly to certain groups of passengers. However, traveling by plane is clearly time-saving and enjoyable in terms of on-board services like meals or comfortable seats, while traveling by train offers you a chance to see the world outside, admire the views from their seats.

Its totally a great experience for most train-travelers. Vocabulary On-board services n provided on or within a vehicle Cater v provide with what is needed or required 4. Is driving to work popular in your country? Although cars themselves and gasoline are expensive, a lot of people prefer driving, possibly because driving is more comfortable in such weather, with such polluted and noisy surroundings.

Do you think people will drive more in the future? If youre talking about India, no, I dont think its possible, even in the future. Cars and gasoline are becoming unaffordable for many people these days. Plus, the transport infrastructure in various regions in India is not appropriate for cars.

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Vocabulary Transport infrastructure n the framework that supports our transport system 4. Would you ride bikes to work in the future? Definitely not. Riding a bike means youre exposing yourself to the unpredictable weather and to air pollution. What is worse, Im afraid the main streets or the highway are too dangerous for cyclists, as cars, motorbikes and buses will travel at a very high speed.

Thus Id rather ride a motorbike or take the bus instead. Vocabulary Unpredictable weather n to not able to be predicted; changeable 13 4. What will become the most popular means of transport in your country?

I think buses will take the lead. You can travel the distance without much worries about ticket price or rainy weather outside. Also new buses now offer better services like comfortable seats for the elderly or good air conditioning systems. Vocabulary To take the lead v to start winning a race or competition 4.

Do you prefer public transport or private transport? I think Id prefer public transport. Its much more inexpensive and because it can contain a large number of people, it helps ease the intensity of traffic jams during peak hours and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles. Private transportation is more costly in terms of fees, taxes and gasoline.

Vocabulary Intensity n of extreme force, degree, or strength Greenhouse gas emissions np the emission into the earth's atmosphere of any of various gases, esp carbon dioxide, that contribute to the greenhouse effect 5.

Colors 5.

Ielts Speaking Recent Actual Tests and Suggested Answers

What colors do you like? Since my taste always changes, my favorite color at the moment is black. Although I have just bought some black items recently, black surprisingly suits me. It feels like I become more mature and more mysterious when wearing a black dress. And because its one of the basic colors, its easy to mix and match with other items of different colors and styles. Vocabulary taste n a preference or liking for something; inclination To mix and match v select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set 14 5.

Whats the most popular color in your country? To be honest, its hard to tell, as it totally depends on peoples taste.

But I guess its my favorite color-black. Black fashion items can be found at clothing shops, since its said to be simple yet classy. Morever, electronic devices and household supplies are mostly in black- colored, probably because the trace of dirt and dust are more visible in black, thus its easier for cleaning.

Do you like to wear dark or bright colors? Im actually flexible between dark and bright colors. But colors somehow do reflect my mood. Bright colors gives me a younger, positive and cheerful look.

They also match my skin tone better than dark colors. So I guess I prefer wearing bright colors. Vocabulary To reflect v to show an image of 5. Whats the different between men and womens preference on colors? The difference in color taste can be seen so clearly that most menswear is more basic-colored while women clothes are varied vastly from monotone to color-mixed.

In terms of fashion, the color theme for women is absolutely overweight. Vocabulary Monotone n without colour or variety, dull 5.

Do colors affect your mood? Actually, the converse effect is more suitable for me, especially when it comes to shopping.

I dont thnk Id feel happier when I look at a pink-colored shirt or feel pulled-down when I wear a gray cardigan. So no, I dont think color is related to my feelings inside. Flowers 6. Do you like flowers? As an introvert, sometimes, I find myself feeling peaceful and relaxed while enjoying nice flowers in my garden.

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I have a habit of taking pictures of flowers after the rain. I feel most at peace spending chunks of good-time on my own, in relative silence, contemplating the beauty of flowers with raindrops through my camera lens. Vocabulary Introvert n a shy, reticent person. White roses are truly my favorite flower. They are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. However, their beauty has also made them a gesture of remembrance. Therefore, a bouquet of white rose is a perfect way to say Im thinking of you.

Vocabulary Gesture n a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning a Bouquet of flowers phrase an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, especially one presented as a gift or carried at a ceremony 6. Do you think flowers are important?

For an introvert like me, enjoying the harmonization of various types of flowers with different gorgeous colors in the garden or in florist shops could brighten up my days and lift my spirits.

Harmonization n a good combination Gorgeous adj beautiful, very attractive Brighten up phrasal verb make something more pleasant and happy 16 Lift our spirits expression make us feel happier 6. Are flowers important in your culture? Give examples Definitely.

With beautiful meanings, some flowers are chosen to show peoples key virtues. Lotus flowers, for example, have been regarded as the national flower. The lotus plants grow from the marsh but their leaves and flowers grow toward the direction of the sunlight, which symbolizes the purity and faithfulness of peoples spirits.

Vocabulary Virtue n good qualities or characteristics To regard as v to consider or think of in a specified way To symbolize v to be a symbol of 6. Do people in your country ever use flowers for special occasions? Flowers are widely used in many occasions and festivals in our country to represent for a blessing, happiness and good luck.

Most families have at least one kind of plants or flowers at home. What are the occasions when people give or receive flowers?

A bunch of flowers is considered as a gift for a wide range of occasions for both people to send and receive flowers. For example, in a birthday party, Womens day, or Valentines day, colorful flowers are arranged nicely in a small vase and given to each other. Vocabulary A bunch of flowers phrase a number of things, typically of the same kind, growing or fastened together.

In your country, do people ever give flowers as a gift? Yes, they do. As mention above, flowers play an essential role in different occasions as a special gift for people to show love to one another.

People, especially girls, are happy and pleased when they receive their favorite flowers from beloved ones on their birthday.

Bus and taxi 7. How often do you take the bus? Even though I dont really like public transport, I have to take bus to go to my university on a daily basis because it is quite far to bike from home to my university and it is the safest choice for me. On a daily basis adv everyday 7. When was the first time you took a taxi? My very first time taking a taxi was around 10 or 11 years ago. It was raining heavily after my class finished. The streets were seriously flooded so my dad could not come to pick me up.

He asked me to take a taxi to go home. It was one of my very first experience travelling alone without my parents. To be flooded v to become covered or submerged by a flood To pick SO up n to go somewhere to collect someone, typically in one's car 7.

What are the advantages of taking a taxi compared with buses? Moreover, by taking a taxi, we dont need to walk to the station or destination. I would say, its easy to book or take a taxi in my city. Nowadays, there are Uber and Grab besides other taxi companies which allow us to use an app on our smartphone to book a taxi.

They also estimate the price and inform the route which make us feel safe and trustable. Computers 8. How often do you use computer? Nowadays, computers are very essential in ones life, and Im no exception.

I would say I use computer quite often to deal with my hectic assignments and works. It would be a big problem for me if I had to live without computers. Vocabulary Hectic adj full of incessant or frantic activity 8. What kinds of computers are popular in your country? There are a wide range of brands of computer in India. Personally, Dell is ahead of the game in the domestic computer market because of its high quality and well-built products.

Besides, the high-rated brands such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, Acer have been common to customers recently.

Vocabulary Ahead of the game expression ahead of ones competitors or peers in the same sphere of activity 8. What do you usually use your computer for? My computer is very useful for my study, especially in my civil engineering major.

With some software on computer, I can do my design assignments. Besides, the Internet which I can get access to when using computers is a modern and convenient means of communication for me to connect with my friends from all over the world.

Who taught you how to use a computer? I learnt how to use computer back in when I was in my elementary school. At first, my teachers taught me to use computer. However, most of the time, I learned by myself. With a 19 curious and adventurous mind, I learnt how to use Word, Excel or Photoshop by reading books and watching some online tutorials.

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests & Suggested Answers (1)

Do you think computers have changed your life a lot? Personally, most of my daily work depends on computers. Sometimes, I think I am addicted to computer. According to some studies, it is believed that over-exposure to computers will post some dire threats to health such as bad eyesight, obesity or diabetes. Thus, I think I need to cut down on the amount of time that I spend on using computers and focusing on more outdoor activities.

Eyesight n a person's ability to see To cut down on Sth v to reduce the frequency of doing Sth To spend time on doing Sth v to pass time in a specified way or in a particular place. To be addicted to adj enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity 9. Noises 9.

Where are you from? What do you do? Do you like your job? Would you like to change it in the near future? Do you listen to music while working?

Do people like to listen to music in your country? Part 2 Talk about your favorite song from your country.

You should say: Part 3 — What kind of music do people like to listen to in your country? Thank you so much for writing this ebook!! I just got the result and guess what, it is Band 7.

Please find below my Speaking test in India: Part 1 — What is your full name? Part 2 Describe a friend of yours who likes to talk a lot.

Part 3 — Do you think communication is of great importance? Thank you so much again for helping me achieve my targeted score to go to study abroad.

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I guess not only me, a number of young people have been highly impressed by her for the past months- Deshauna Barber. To what extent do you agree outweigh the disadvantages. On a daily basis adv everyday 7. Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take your photos? January Government should invest more money in science education rather than other subjects to develop the country.

Vocabulary Continue doing Sth v keep on doing Sth Down the road idiom in the future

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