Downloads (cumulative): n/a ยท Downloads (12 Months): n/a SQL/ Developer's Guide provides start-to-finish coverage of SQL/, IBM's strategic language. SQL/ is a proprietary dialect of SQL for the IBM AS/, which was later rebranded as iSeries and finally as SystemI, business eServer Computer Platform. SQL/ book download. SQL/ Example. Example. Download SQL/ AS/ SQL/ Developer's Guide - Computer Books Online.

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IBM SQL/ statements can be embedded in many HLL programs, and there is also an occasional need to embed these statements in a CL program. While the. Starting with V5R2, the IBM SQL/ Query Engine (SQE) makes use of Downloading and Installing the Tools Download the save file from. Here is how SQL EXCEPTION JOIN works. It returns rows from PRIMARY table that don't have a match in any of SECONDARY table. Columns that come from.

A Serial Cursor is when each row of the results is to be fetched only once per open of the cursor, going through the data sequentially.

Each time a row of data is read into the program, the cursor is moved to the next row of the result table. This is repeated until reaching end-of-data, when the cursor should be closed.

To use the cursor again, close the current use of it, then re-issue the open statement. We cannot back up in a Serial Cursor. A Scroll Cursor supports alternatives to going through the data sequentially.

Access defaults to the Serial Cursor method, while the Fetch statement can position the cursor where to do the reading. When it is not specified that the Scroll Cursor is Dynamic, access is read-only. This kind of Cursor is usually in a program to display parts of the data base on screen of end user, who can then key in something to navigate the data, leading the Scroll Cursor to be positioned elsewhere in the data, to get what the user wants to see.

A Dynamic Scroll Cursor permits the update of rows that are accessed. SQL Cursor[ edit ] There are several ways this can be programmed.

Batch Input, Creating Reports, month end interfaces. As the legacy systems were replaced and the User base grew the role for the team in Munich became one of maintenance and support.

SQL 400 Output to file

Worked on the analysis and programs for Data conversion. Designed and coded a Replenishment Module to calculate Warehouse stock requirements within Spain.

This module has gone on to be used in Germany and the UK. Managed the download requirements for the local AS systems.

Provided general system support for Spain and Portugal as part of the post implementation service. Modified Sales Order Processing to meet Italian requirements.

SQL400 Developers Guide Vol 2

Supported new Users after Production Implementation. Developed a new Sales Restriction System for the control of restricted products.

Created an Intrastat module for Germany and Austria to collect statistics of cross border inventory movements. This Information is a legal requirement for local and national governments.

Created a suite of reporting programs for Returns with the help of the Expert Users. Provided programming solutions to technical problems being encountered during Picking.

Contract progressed on a daily basis. All work was in RPG Contract was renewed to see project through to live implementation in Singapore. This was a high pressure project which had missed early implementation and so required team work and a lot of weekend work. Human Resources Expenses project was under great pressure to go live on time.

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Contracted for coding ability.All you have to do is click to email results. In fact, Sequel can greatly enhance green screen applications, allowing you to call Sequel from menus.

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Whichever commands make your life easier. Also technical support for the Warehouse Interface. Dynamic SQL Statements are composed, prepared and run when the program is run.

Project was seen through to completion with contract renewed on a monthly basis.

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