Handbook 2. Administering the Church. Published by. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City, Utah. Summary of Recent Updates to Handbook 2 · 0. Introduction Families and the Church in God's Plan. download Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ. handbook 2, handbook 1, administering the church, handbooks of instruction, bishops, stake presidencies.

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Mormon Church Handbook of Instructions, Book "2", while also restricted, has fewer restrictions. PDF document, version Handbook 2: Administering the Church. This handbook is a guide for members of ward and stake councils. The first two chapters present the. The Handbook is a two-volume book of instructions and policies for leaders of The Church of On the other hand, the text of Handbook 2 can be accessed on the church's official .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

It contains information primarily relevant to the functions of the leaders of the church's priesthood quorums and auxiliary organizations. Every quorum president and auxiliary organization leader at stake, ward, district, and branch levels receives a copy of Handbook 2, just as most of the individuals who receive Handbook 1.

Counselors to quorum or auxiliary presidencies and stake high councilors also receive copies of Handbook 2, just like other leaders in church congregations. Handbook 2 also contains some of the general church policies on administrative, health, and moral issues that are contained in Handbook 1. Leaders are instructed to write the changes into their copies of the handbook and to keep the handbook and the supplemental materials together.


Unauthorized distribution[ edit ] Handbook 1 is not available to the general public or the general church membership. The text of Handbook 2 is available on the church's official website.

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The church asserts copyright over the contents of the Handbook and prohibits its duplication. After the version of the Church Handbook was published, Jerald and Sandra Tanner 's Utah Lighthouse Ministry published portions of it on the internet without permission from the church or including the book's copyright notice.

The text was also disseminated to other websites, which the ULM's website linked to. The Book There is a book that meets almost all the above criteria that is modern, current and published with the full supervision and endorsement of the heads of the church — addressing current, pertinent issues with the full weight of prophetic authority.

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For example, where in the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants does it provide instruction on what to do if a woman with children divorces a man after temple marriage and desires to be sealed to another man?

This is not a rare event, and it deals with a saving ordinance that is very important to the sister and her children.

That technology was not even conceived of in the time of Joseph Smith. Such a procedure would not involve sexual intercourse but the act of procreation would be committed.

Does this violate the law of chastity? Would such an act require repentance? Again, the standard works of the church are silent on this issue.

Sacred and Secret What is this sacred and holy text? What I mean is that if the Church really wanted you to know, then it would publish the book and make it freely available to anyone who would ask.

It is the manual which the local leaders use to administer the church. The Handbook is currently divided into 2 volumes. Volume 2 is made available to the auxiliary leaders of the church.

Volume 1 of the Handbook of Instructions, however, is a manual used only by specific leaders. In response to what I put in bold - How does anyone say they believe Heavenly Father restored the True Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith, but then say they have a problem with some part of the Lord's Church??

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Because we're human. My testimony is a process with ups and downs.

Some of us don't get immediate testimonies. We have to work at it for years.

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Or we have strong testimonies of the Book of Mormon, but maybe not other things. This is Christ's church, but it is run by imperfect people.Again, the standard works of the church are silent on this issue.

Ezra Taft Benson , Gordon B. Namespaces Article Talk. Such a procedure would not involve sexual intercourse but the act of procreation would be committed. For example, she may help monitor classes and maintain reverence during singing time.

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