calibre: The one stop solution for all your e-book needs. Comprehensive e-book software. Great selection of modern and classic books waiting to be discovered. All free and available in most ereader formats. With the release of the Cool-er eBook reader, Interead has become the UKs first at the end of the day you're downloading a dedicated eBook reader to read books.

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The eBooks available to download on our website come in different formats. Please note that if you wish to read an eBook on your site device or site app. Since site launched the site, ebook sales have exploded. But print books are holding their ground. In fact, sales are rising again. Editorial Reviews. Review. "An impressive first novel and a worthy addition to the sci-fi genre. Manumission (The Metaform series Book 1) - site edition by E.R. Harding. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or .

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Borrowing from your Library There are more and more libraries now offering eBooks for borrowing. Most of these are in the U. Very light and feels robust enough to literally be thrown in your bag. Cool design with a great choice of colours to choose from. Cons Font size settings need some adjustment.

Buttons are little stiff to press. No protective case.

No Wi-Fi or Wireless 3G. The user interface is somewhat simple but more than functional and although there are a few small issues that need to be sorted out font size problems these could be fixed easily enough.

The instant page orientation button and full text justification are very welcome features. At this time the Cool-er is still the cheapest 6 inch eReader on the market but other manufacturers are continually dropping their price or releasing newer models that make the extra costs well worth paying.

The best way to sum up the Cool-er is to say that this is an eBook reader which has been stripped to the bare bones and is for one thing and one thing only; reading.

Being able to play audiobooks in MP3 format off the SD card is better than straining to understand text-to-speech with the site 2's robotic voice. And listening to music while reading is good, but you have no playback controls unless you get out of your book and into the file.

It's really mostly intended for audiobooks, I believe. And it's more half-baked than anything. Transferring files via OS X will get you four blank folders the metadata files that Macs deposit on external drives that you can't seem to ever get rid of.

Also, the battery meter is somewhat finicky and fluctuates up or down depending on its mood. There's also no great auto-sleep mode like the site has. Where They Get You: The books. Other, older and less popular novels, are more on par between the two stores.

The coolerbooks selection is also smaller than site's, housing none of Ian Fleming's Bond books, one of which I've found used in the photos anyway.

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Read books for free. PocketBook reader - pdf, epub, fb2, mobi, audio. Obreey Products.

Book Reader. FullReader - all e-book formats reader. Free multifunctional e-book reader: All formats ebook reader with bookmarks, dictionaries, reading aloud, night mode.Mellon Foundation.

Read books for free without limits! Physical books make more meaningful gifts. An e-reader is similar in form, but more limited in purpose than a tablet. Not going to happen.

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If you miss this email, you can go to the site and log into your account and click on My eLibrary to see your ebook downloads. GlennLeibowitz Getty Images A few years ago, after four-plus decades of reading print books, and several years after site launched the ebook revolution, I finally took the plunge and downloaded the site app for my iPhone and started downloading and reading ebooks.

But as much as I've come to enjoy the convenience of ebooks, and while I will continue to download them, digital books just don't deliver the same sort of visual and tactile satisfaction I get from reading physical books.

Add to Wishlist. Sort of like getting a quick physical high from the scent of the book, before I've plunged in and gotten my intellectual high from the ideas and images within.

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