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WELCOME THEP & LOUIS. It was a wonderful are very happy to have Thep and Louis join the Bradbys House. . thanks to Mr Van den Berg. 8 Tháng Giêng Cuộc sống hiện đại gắn liền với những sản phẩm làm từ sắt thép. Từ những dùng cụ cá nhân đến máy móc phức tạp, từ những ngôi nhà cho. Master Theses THEP. Oscar Boher The Abelian Higgs Model: Unitarity in the unitary Gauge (pdf, kB) Supervisors: Ronald Kleiss Daphne van den Elzen.

I thought that if Thu Duc came first, I would go to the military service. They admitted me and I spent more than one week there with new people and new life of a military career. All at a sudden, the commanding office summoned me. I worried, but right after stepping into the office, the sight of Mr. Can in a chair staring at me gave me a big surprise. Can was in military uniform with the rank of Captain.

Perhaps he made special arrangements and took me to another room. As soon as he sat down, he frowned at me and with a sarcastic voice he said: Besides I thought that going to Thu Duc is also for the service of the people and the country.

You cannot act that childish! Many people can go to Thu Duc, but for this business, they did not select everyone! Do you know that for more than four months so many persons were involved in it? They made the whole plan, secured the location, and everything was ready. The Presidency had given orders to take you back at all cost. Personally, I also like the military career. You want ranks; you will get it in Saigon, it will be like in the Army.

I did not know how he managed, I had to follow him back right away to Saigon. That was my destiny. Five Intelligence training That evening back to the Capital City, all the city colors, filled my heart with a quasi emptiness, I vaguely thought of so many turns in life.

While I let my mind wander in bewilderment, the car stopped at a corner of Vo Tanh Street. Can you give me a set of keys? He said that this is the key to room 8 on the third floor, Nguyen Van Trang Street. Before leaving, he insisted that I refrain from going home and he would come in the morning for some talk.

After some moment, I found the room there was a transistor radio and some foreign and local publications. The next day Can came. Roughly, he emphasized that I would play the role of a student of Letters of a well off family emigrating from north to central Viet Nam and presently in Saigon for school.

He advised me to go home only once or twice a month. I should tell them that they discovered my heart problem and transferred me to social work training for a certain time. I should seldom go down town, except for meals. There would be weekend breaks for Saturdays and Sundays.

At first, Can bring in books and documents to train me. He explained on the secret organizations, their leadership by an individual, a team or a nation.

He stressed the definition of friends and foes. Friends are those belonging to the same organization. Otherwise, everybody should be enemies, even your parents, spouse and children, your siblings, friends and other organizations such as police, security, Military security, etc.

I wondered about that. He can explain that there are so many twists in intelligence work. In war or peace, there is antagonism between two countries or two groups of countries.

Each side employs many agents and assigns them everywhere and in any fields. They could even sometimes penetrate the central government Their roles are diverse in nature but, in general their common goals are to search and listen to discover in advance the purpose, aims and deceits of one country against the other, take advantage of or liquidate as necessary.

Thus, it is very important for an intelligence agent to know the other side agents and specially the secret ones. The free world opposed the communist system. He is a happy married man. They trained him not to say anything to anyone, even to his wife. As he often left home for days or nights, his wife became suspicious.

He told her all kinds of lies. Thinking that he was changing heart, she made his life miserable. As they are married a long time, he thinks that knowing the truth she would not harm him. Besides, she is not a communist agent, is she not? He decides to tell her everything stressing that it is top-secret she must keep her mouth shut. His wife pays a visit to her mother. The daughter thinks that mom would not harm them and she could not be communist. Then one day she tells her the truth.

She feels so proud, boasting with her friend that her son-in-law is working in some project at the presidential office. And so on, some day or at some place the counter spy would have smelled things and found out the work and activity of that not so discreet agent.

If the latter moves to the other side territory, he would end up in either being killed or jailed for a long time… Therefore, the failure started with the wife. We judged the results regardless of the reasons. Whether it was the efficient counter action of the enemy or the weakness of our agent who failed to do it, it would not matter.

The result is it was a fiasco. Through the preceding example, your wife is like your enemy. They were fast draws, rode speedy horses, piloted airplanes or zipped in fast cars with top-notch skill. I was so childish!

With the principle of secrecy and compartmentalization, there is no public school training spies. The real things are not like in novels or movies, Back to Ngoc Can, he explained to me the various types of personnel. We have security guards, middle agents, liaison men, public or semi public agents, the double agents, etc …He was with me daily for about four months. One day, fate April , he came with another person.

The man was tall, big and full of stamina. Can look at the big man and me. He half-introduced and half-recommended. Phan here is also from the directorate and he will take over to take care of you.

Right from the beginning and through our conversations I found in him a likeable and open person. He is a Southerner. Just Phan and I now, through his eyes and the expressions on his face he seemed to sympathize with me.

As from my initial observations, he was a pleasant and broad-minded individual. I had the feeling of having known him for quite a while. He walked to my bookcase, looked at a few items and said: I had tried to look at your file but it was not possible. They had better give you another assignment because it would be too much waste in this job. I had to say that at the time, I did not fully understand the meaning of his statement and I had to wait until I was up north to get it.

I shall discuss it with Binh later. Now, you have to study, do research, but it would not be suitable to be in this location too long. Tomorrow, I shall take you to Ky Dong. We became closer to each other as days went by. We called each other by first names and opened up our own selves. I knew that Phan had 15 years of experiences and had worked in many years for the French Second Bureau.

A communist agent attempted to kill him in Can Tho in He fired at him from 25 meters pointing to his heart; Phan showed me the scar under a pricey cigarettes box in his shirt pocket that saved him. They arrested the man, but Phan saved him from jail and converted him by his magnanimity into a fully devoted and efficient help. In principle, Phan could not have told me those things and specially let me know his private life.

Being a Southerner, he is more communicative than people from Central Vietnam or the Northerner. One day at the start of October Phan told me that now the communist are setting up a front towards the formation of a provisional government. I will make you into a student discontented with the Ngo Dinh Diem regime. You will continue going to classes, stirring up some demonstration to connect with the real communist within the students.

Then the authority will surround and hunt them and you will break to the resistance zone. Phan wanted my input. I know that it would not be as dangerous as going North. I was not concerned with the level of danger. Then, I asked myself whether it would be as exciting.

Therefore, I would leave it to higher authority. Perhaps I did not give a clear-cut response, or there had been changes from the directorate, Phan dropped the subject once for all. Every day Phan still helped my study and we moved to Ong Tho building. I still reviewed my books for my Baccalaureate 1 to which Phan highly encouraged me. One day he introduced two Americans Brown and Dale to train me in additional matters.

Both were dressed in civilian garb, Brown had prescription glasses. They were often together. From now on I had three persons taking turn to teach me the communication equipment, how to follow and to foil being followed, the recruitment and training of personnel, weapons and land mines, survival method at sea and in jungles, psycho-analysis and determination of ability of each type in the society, the technique of a secret action network.

I had a hard time. Phan often did the translation because I could write or read English a bit but talking was a big problem as there were so many technical words. The communists always tried to con overseas graduates to go home for the rebuilding of the country. Therefore, the directorate would give me a scholarship to study electricity or chemistry in Hong Kong or Singapore. Upon graduation, communist agents would contact me.

I would follow them back to North Viet Nam as fitting and start working for Saigon. Seeing that it would be too long may be about ten or twelve years I was not so enthusiastic. I did not even think of the opportunity to go overseas and get a diploma. Phan saw my indifference and dropped it off all together. I moved to 62 Tran Hung Dao blvd. It was a large apartment with two rooms having all amenities for foreigners to rent. Time is ready for us to go to Hanoi. My mission in Hanoi: Mission code name: X20 Duration: Recruiting and training agents Auxiliary goals: Assess the general thinking of the people, the cadres and the military.

The covers: The preparation: A yearlong period up to April of minute preparations inventing all imaginable eventualities. Have practice sessions, with Brown, Dale and Phan. Details of the whole plan: Since I worked for the directorate, they assigned to me code name X They gave me a 4x6 photo of Hoang Dinh Tho for viewing in a week so that I was fully familiar with his face and had it recorded in my mind.

When in Hanoi they gave me a reference paper for heart test and I had to seek the opportunity to give document X to Dr. Document X: They did not authorize me to know the content. If Hoang Dinh Tho does not work there any more, I had to destroy the document. Document M delivered according to preset conventions. Day and time: I will wear blue trousers, white shirt with sleeves rolled up, a pair of Thai sandals and the blue worker hat. I will hold in my hands a People Army newspaper.

The counterpart will wear grey khaki pants, brown shirt, Binh Tri Thien sandals holding three notebooks. The counterpart will answer by changing the three notebooks from one hand to the other always be at a distance of at least 10 meters. Scratching means that you had dropped the document off. The drop spot would be a crack or a corner that normal eyes would not see but is still convenient for the counterpart to retrieve.

Document M: I used to go out with Phan according to the regulation they do not want to see me with him but being new in the organization, how can I really know it. Phan told me that there were two groups in the organization: Group a with the director and the majority had the view of intelligence work in the conservatively rigid method.

Take an example, you want to send somebody out to download one kilo of apples. You instruct him to use his bike, go carefully on the right side, pay attention at cross roads, use arm to signal turning. There you lock your bike, go in to select what kind of apples, how much to pay, etc… Group b under the deputy and a few other persons including Phan, conceived that intelligence work should be lively and encouraging the agents to be creative and flexible in all situations.

Using the same example of apples, you just tell him to download good fruit and be careful on the street. Use his head to download the best apples at a good price.

According to me, each method has its cons and pros. Therefore, you should pick up the best in the mix to use regardless of where they come from.

That was my opinion and I did not dare to share it with Phan. On the contrary, with Can and later on, with Hoang Cong An we went into too many boring details. Through my observations of their behavior and attitude, I saw that they were right on many things.

With situations needing details, they would dig into minute things and would become quite sketchy on unnecessary situations. During the preparation, they provided me with a small transistor radio with earplugs. They authorized me to listen to Hanoi broadcast. They gave me all kinds of publications from North Viet Nam so that I would be fully used to the life and the language up there. Around mid September Phan introduced a spectacled man named Hoang Cong An who will take over, as Phan must be from Saigon in a special assignment.


An was a central man. The training and my experiences at No. I did not even bother knowing about the real names of the instructors and their jobs during their two years with me. Even their moving around was no concern to me.

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It had a primordial impact on the northern Christianity. That is why they brought in Hoang Cong An, who had been a defrocked priest. They showed me three typed documents on the three Fathers, their characters, including their 4x6 photos.

Father A was graduated Ph D in France. He was a resourceful, determined person having a clear-cut anti communist ideal. Having good reputation with his followers, bound by a past promise with Father Quynh, he now also assumed responsibility at Phuc Xa Thuong and Phuc Xa Ha.

Thép Đen Đặng Chí Bình

The instructions were clear. Every day I shall conduct his basic intelligence training and should be able to assess his spirit, ability and his condition, give him the code word and code object which was half of a one north Vietnam bill while the other half will be taken back home.

Afterwards if some one gives the right code word and shows the code object to the Father, that one will be the real Saigon man providing him necessary things and instructions for his next assignment. If the Father, though still anti-communist, would not agree to directly work for Saigon, then seek his introduction to a most confident person having initiative and idealism. Then I will be directly involved with the man and give training as the conditions and situation dictated.

In case it would not be suitable, I lie low and have the Father assistance to conduct recruiting and training for ten days. There were no limitations on age and sex of the recruits. Know their situation, their family relationship, and their living conditions; assess precise circumstances before giving them two following liaison addresses: Give them the full details, Paul Lang is 42, mixed blood, wife is also mixed blood and named Marie Nguyen, prior to lived in Saigon, returned to France aboard the Esperance, presently owner of a big Laundromat at the same address.

Peck Kim San now 28, work for the Maternity. His wife is Vietnamese with Cambodian citizenship and they have one 4 years old boy.

They must have good reason, like social or family relationship to send letters now and then. Sometime later, they could insert questions of security character such as: In case the answer is we do not feel good then every thing is OK. Besides there are two conventions for letters to the precedent addresses to let Saigon know if the security forced you to write it. You must make sure that the recruits know by heart the conventions; logical is for being watched and illogical is clear.

There are so many unknown conventions and tricks that one must master and avoid confusion. Father B is a quiet man, hard working and always trying to finish his task even in case of difficulty. He has management ability and is more with religion than social affairs. The Directorate says that Father B is still at church Y.

Father C, still at church Y, is rather old but still has high spirit. The Christians of Hanoi and the Vietnamese clergy respected him. According to the directorate, Father A should be our main target. If he is not at church X anymore, or for any reason he refuses to cooperate then go to Father B.

Otherwise, go to Father C. They also were very close to the Father and have made vows with him when he went South with his flock.

Anyhow, it had been 8 years under the communist rule; no one would know how his or her morale is. Besides their health is also a concern.

I was thinking and rethinking very intensively. Seeing that this is a big and important task requiring a much more capable person, I told An about it. No one could be given this mission which, if failed would give the communists reasons to squeeze more and more on Christians and the clergy. Moreover, several sides of the situation were involved, especially when the scene of action was in the communist capital of Hanoi.

I still think to myself that capable men would not dare to go since there were plenty of dangers ahead. They had to pick me among the pack of daredevils. As we had the approval from higher headquarters, we shall go together in the morning at 9am to Binh An in the Binh Xuyen side. I remembered that long ago, when I was a little boy I used to go with the Father who was the leader of the Dinh Bo Linh Group to many places for martial arts exhibition under his direction.

Now that I had grown up, for sure he would not recognize me. We went together to Binh An and waited in the guest room. After a short while, the Father came. He had changed so much after 10 years, his face all wrinkled, his hair now with white strands. However, his is still as agile as before. He smiled and shook our hands.

He asked me so many questions on my school and family. Before you go, I would like to have lunch with you to show my admiration when bidding farewell to a knight in the spirit of Pham Hong Thai?

I shall consult with my superior and call you right away. About recruiting and training, if due to their enthusiasm and national ideal they would agree, I will conduct their training. Otherwise, I will ask them to introduce reliable persons for me to recruit and train. It would not be too difficult. At first, I shall teach the basics of the job. The hard stuff was to find out the character and abilities of each and uncover their strength and weakness.

Though Dale, Brown and An trained me for nearly two years, they still stressed that the human character is very complex and diverse. In general, you can have three types: You do not have to be concerned much about this type.

Still this group is not as dangerous as the last one. As soon as they get your confidence, they could give a surprise stab to your heart. They make you subjective and harm you. In conclusion, you must have keen and fast observations.

The recruiter must know the extent of their ability, how wrong or right they are. Seven Intelligence stories I had to apply my total ability and energy to the mission. Besides, I must pay attention to the following events while moving around in Hanoi. While I was being trained in the South, the directorate informed me of two typical cases as lessons to draw experiences from Case 1.

Around through information from the people, the South intelligence had set up traps and caught a top agent of the North. After the yearlong work on him using all the technical capability, we surrendered to his stubbornness.

If the case were with Northern security, the person would be in jail regardless of what he said, for a long time until he becomes old and rejoin his ancestors. However, we had a different policy. We can incarcerate him only for a duration according to the law. The man kept maintaining his innocence. We had used all means available, threats, torture, cons, incentives, etc. It was a very difficult problem for the directorate.

Finally, the boss offered a plan of execution under his total responsibility. One night of late winter, it rained so hard and it was cold in Hue. A military convoy went out of the central prison led by a Dodge 4 truck having on the front seat the driver, a first lieutenant and one sergeant. The intelligence director was the sergeant. The back seat had four handcuffed prisoners and two armed escorts. The following truck had a half well armed platoon with two second-lieutenants.

The convoy was traveling gingerly South when at about 11 PM machine guns cracked and ahead on the highway was a felled tree blocking it. The soldiers jumped down, guns pointed out in a firefight. The enemy already had surrounded them. Their commander ordered everyone down, took all dossiers, disarmed them and got the key to open the handcuffs for the four prisoners.

I am not going to kill you all. The generosity of the party dictates me to reeducate you and free you so that you will repent and serve the people. The two officers having blood-debts with the people will be taken to our area for judgment. Tie the hands of that sergeant who is the director of intelligence.

Their commander ordered anyone to board the vehicles heading back to the city of the Perfume River. Case 2. The house had a seldom-opened iron gate. The owner was a widow about 60 having a brother living with her until after graduation he went to work in the presidential office.

No one knew what kind of job he had but he was very close to Ngo Dinh Nhu. They gave him a villa on Cong Ly Street conveniently close to the Palace. So the house became quieter and more desolate. Han had only a servant who was also a relative.

Everybody around knew perfectly her situation, that she was a good mannered woman eating a meatless diet, going regularly to the pagodas and doing charity. Her husband and she were from a well off family in Hue. They had only a little son when the big changes came in and the Viet Minh took control. Being fully aware that the Viet Minh was a group of hoodlums intolerant with the other nationalististic parties her husband refused to join the alliance government of the tricky Ho Chi Minh.

They liquidated him. During the troubled period with the Japanese, Chinese, French, English and Viet Minh, the population was uprooted and disseminated to all corners. After losing her son who was her unique consolation, she went to Saigon with her brother. She was still very wealthy but lacked the homeliness of a family.

She spent all the money searching the son to no avail. For 14 years, her sorrow kept building up in the depth of her heart and the communist was aware of it, thinking that she would be a perfect case to penetrate the Southern Government.

They found and trained a fitting young man into a perfect person to play the role of her lost son with the same voice and feature. At the front of Mr. The spy was a good-looking young man years of age, poorly dressed, healthy but always displaying on his face hints of nostalgic sadness. Every day after hard work with his cycle, he always stopped at the stall eating a banana or sipping a cup of tea, all quiet and thoughtful. The woman seemed compassionate for a young hardworking man and sometimes asked him a few questions, At first it was vague inquiries on his daily income, the weather, his where about, his lateness to come, etc,..

Then gradually she asked about his origin, parents and so forth. He did not want to talk of his family and unfortunate life. Nevertheless, seeing that she was a warm-hearted woman he gradually opened up. He did not know who his parents were.

A family adopted him when he was years old. At age , he became servant for many families.

Then he drifted to work strenuously in the rubber plantations and finally found his way to Saigon driving rickshaws to make his living. The vendor woman knowing the story of the owner was suspicious and asked further. When she saw the owner of the house, she related to her the story of the young rickshaw driver.

Han was all disturbed wishing to meet the man at the earliest and told the woman to bring him in as soon as she saw him. The next day and several other days, he did not show up making the woman and Mr. Han all upset and agitated. More than one week later, on a rainy afternoon the young man dropped by all wet. The woman excitingly asked why he did not come lately, poured him a hot cup of tea and rushed to push the doorbell. Han would want to say a few words to you. Upon seeing the young man, the eyes of Mr.

Han displayed all signs of love even though there was nothing yet to show that he is the lost son. Han repeated the question. Breathless and about to pass out Mr. This patriotic soldier from a bourgeois stock is typical fro may others whose dream is like a bubble bust and were found stitch in between what the party professes and what it does. They ended up crushed to bits without any echo. In Hoa Lo, the scariest thing is silence, silence in life and silence in death.

The veil and the smell of a cemetery shrouded everything. The difference between life and death is sometimes the subdue breathing in cell number 7, unbeknown to anyone. How can you hear death when all those living devils surrounded you? Though no one had recounted it, through the marks which are still vaguely imprinted on the stone surface, the prisoner know that in here sometimes Mr. Thuy An was locked. She was a famous writer, well known for the infamous death of the revolutionary Do Dinh Dao, who naively thought he was the patriot building up the regime.

Many still have the same wrong beliefs.

They are cadres, party members, the intellectuals, the common people, and the typical images under the magnifying lens of the microscope. They were all wrong. He was a spy, one of those shadow fighters who had found the way to Ha Noi on a still unclassified secret mission. As soon as he had completed his work, they arrested him.

It was in , during which time in the South we are still very hazy on the real things up North, his eighteen years in jail gave him an unprecedented experience.

He has lived and witnessed things with a very meticulous vision. The sites and spectacles that could have occurred in the mindset of an abnormal person, a terrifying movie that was set up and produced by a sick director, the whole and entire Vietnamese communist system, and at the real bottom of Hoa Lo, the jail life and the end result of the most scary inventions.

If the truth encompasses our imagination because we have wrongly estimated the value of the communist regime, wrongly valuate their madness and crazy disease. It is worthy to say that author Dang Chi Binh, be it his real or pen name, is not engaged in a terrifying race, it means that his not trying to create all the most dreadful details. The normal truth would be enough to scare the shit out of us.

Author Dang Chi Bing is not a writer. He has never used a pen to write literary prose. I have nothing worthy to relate to others. He has to write to remind everyone that under the bright sunlight there is still a world of darkness, which is the inhumane Viet communist society. He wants to carry a small candle to bring light to the vicious devil territory, to close eyelids to the fallen ones and to massage the chest of those who are still bleeding in the lock-ups of the communist.

He does not want to write a literary piece, he only does it from his memory like pulling gradually the thread from a spool, from start to ending.

It then makes things so scary to all of us. All the words he uses. His way of saying and seeing, and even the manner by which he makes the mockery of himself, all his writing reflects only one thing. He put down on paper what he remembers and thinks. Something in there makes you shaking at the way he recounted things so shockingly natural and real. More then twenty years have evolved. He calmly unthread the pool of his prison life…The scream, the noises of men torturing men, the sound of iron chain scraping the stone floor, and all the thunderous silence are still echoing at times, regularly with the pulled out thread of the dark days and months of a deadly place.

He does not produce a literary piece but his literal expressions make us quiver. Things that makes us astounded are not life in the darkness of death. The constant struggle of the man makes us all tremble. The most worthy to mention, and it is the most wonderful aspect of this memoir, is the resurrection of human innate nature within the world of devils. Even in Hoa Lo, the prisoners still realize at night there is still somebody trying to discretely help them. At times, it was only a brief inquiry or a compassionate sigh, or a bit of tobacco slipped through the door crack as blood coagulant… only the jail warden can move back and forth outside.

Who was that person? The prisoner does not know, but he is aware that among them, there are still somebody keeping some bit of humane behavior and silently acting like as a human being.

Just discretely, acting otherwise they would be fast changing position from the free outside to the silent environment of a prison cell. The Viet commies want to change humans into animals. The Ha Noi Hoa Lo is the best place for them to succeed.

Nevertheless, in there the author has lived and witnessed the victory of humankind. He is right to the point. Because he can finish his job if only up North there are still people who keep struggling since the years There are those certain priest, a medical doctor, a young girl in her khaki pants and brown shirt…, and so many other unknown heroes who are still fighting secretly.

Even the plain peasants who are the first victims of the system, they live and exist through the complete darkness and, still display enlightened acts of humaneness. The fact that Dang Chi Binh, after spending all his youthful days in the world of animals, is back among us, wholesome, describing to us in his mocking but sincere words his own mistakes, along with his generous and appeased remarks on the bad behavior of mankind, is that not an wonderful feature?

He returned from the grave. The liveliest thing in his memoir is that he feared of losing the human substance that he had seen lost at some other instances.

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It is not only big with the content, the details. It is so in the meaning humaneness of the author. Let us say our thanks to Dang Chi Binh who had struggled to survive, to evade and record for us the victory of humankind over the devils. The above is the preface written by Dong Tien Publisher Foreword It never occurred to me that some day I would write the story of my life. In the context of my country, following the ebb and flow of life, I undertook the mission penetrating the enemy territory and I was caught.

Therefore, in any instance I am dumb, a loser, having nothing worthy to tell. If you strive writing it, your piece will share the same fate of others, those who wrote on their lives in the re-education camps.

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