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Shepherd the Flock of God has been released with great secrecy, re- enforcing a boys club mentality amongst elders. traveling overseers to use in caring for responsibilities as shepherds of the flock of. God.‹Acts ; I Pet. As appointed elders and Christian overseers, you. Secret Elders book LEAK | version Shepherd the Flock of God ( .. In the edition the copyright belongs to WTBTS of Pennsylvania and the Makes sense, the flock book can be updated on the fly now.

The 8 Biggest Shocks From the Elders’ Secret Handbook

It seems like an improvement overall and includes the child no longer having to confront her rapist in most cases, but it still doesn't have the promised female representation from Jackson's promise to the Australian court. Willingly taking blood remains an automatic disassociation offence.

Reinstatement is "several months, a year or even longer" Ownership of kingdom halls. They make clear that regardless of what it says on the title, a congregation does not OWN their own kingdom hall. Hello guest! Please register or sign in it's free to view the hidden content. Therefore, paper records of all judicial matters should be in those files. If the accused threatens legal action against the elders, the elders should suspend proceedings and promptly telephone the Legal Department.

The elders extend this spiritual assistance confidentially. Consequently, we do not comment on whether elders are currently or have formerly met to assist any member of the congregation.

The elders should then promptly telephone the Legal Department. Ifthe authorities request confidential congregation records or ask that elders give testimony regarding confidential congregation matters, the elders should promptly telephone the Legal Department.

A Kingdom Hall is dedicated to the worship of Jehovah.

However, it is the responsibility of the congregations using the property to care for it and see that it is used in harmony with Kingdom interests. As many as three or four congregations may be assigned by the branch office to use the same Kingdom Hall auditorium in order to make full use of the facility and to keep expenses to a minimum.

The branch office will generally correspond with only one of the congregations using the facility regarding legal, property, and related matters. Usually, this contact congregation holds the documents related to the Kingdom Hall and the property on which it is located.

This is for practical reasons only and does not provide a basis for the contact congregation to make unilateral By The Librarian "We do not have a paid clergy in our organization.

There are no secular educational requirements for Witness elders. I would need to ask the purpose of keeping this option quiet; is the branch simply too busy to worry about these local matters? What is more important than that?

A confession of wrongdoing is not always good enough. The book does say that a JW whose spouse has confessed to adultery may write a letter to the elders, explaining why they feel the confession is valid, but the elders need to still consider if they believe it to be genuine. I will agree that some offhand, flippant statement is not always the same as a real confession, but saying that there must be two witnesses to an otherwise believable confession is outright ridiculous. This begs the questions, What else do they need, and who are they to determine if a confession is sincere and genuine?

sfl “Shepherd the Flock of God” 1 Peter 5:2

The book does say that elders may leave it up to the innocent spouse to decide if the confession is enough, but again, there have been many cases where elders have made the decision themselves. The innocent mate is then left in a sort of marital limbo, as they are not free to remarry unless adultery has been proven. Elders are told that they sit in judgement of others.

The bible, at John , also says that god has entrusted the judging to his son, not to local elders. Prayers are not offered with disfellowshipped ones present.

When judicial committees meet and they determine that someone will be disfellowshipped, they excuse that person before saying a closing prayer among themselves. When a disfellowshipped person asks to be reinstated, the committee will say a prayer before that person arrives for their meeting.Your daughter should be happy to have a father that cares so much for her.

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Disassociated individuals are treated in the same way as disfellowshipped ones. Hopefully not matter what she decides, you and her can beclose and you will welcome her when she sees the real organization and its worship of 6 very wealthy men.

If you keep telling her she is wrong and you need to save her soul, then you are actually aiding the Watchtower in converting her because she will now believe them because you are attacking her new beliefs just as they said it would happen. I have made it clear that you do not do that to people.

NEW 2012 Elders book with 2015 Amendments

These are the 8 most confounding and even a bit shocking things I found in the book. This reinforces the unwholesome power structure that makes the Watchtower organization a "boy's club.

I would need to ask the purpose of keeping this option quiet; is the branch simply too busy to worry about these local matters? Share this. Witnesses can seek professional help for emotional distress but are cautioned against the 'revealing of confidential facts about other members' and therapies that may conflict with Watchtower doctrines.

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