CAT Sample Paper 1 by Quantitative Ability. DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 7: Answer the questions independently of each other. 1. View and download Solved previous years (past) question papers for CAT entrance exam for years , , , , , , Objective type & multiple choice questions on Aptitude for interview and CAT preparation. Aptitude Data Interpretation (Download PDF).

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CAT Sample Paper – To ace the country's most competitive exam, management aspirants must prepare by solving CAT sample papers regularly. Visit now to download CAT previous year question papers PDF & prepare more At BYJU'S, candidates are provided with various CAT sample papers. Try CAT question paper Original CAT question Paper - CAT PDF free download available. Also available - Detailed solutions for CAT official Mock test.

After 10 more operations, all the numbers are 79 Proceeding this way, the last remaining number will be Notice that LHS is again even, hence r should be odd. So the triangle formed is a triangle.

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So, total time taken by train is 5 hrs, hence the train reaches at 1 pm. Accordingly, Rahim has to reach C fifteen minutes before i. Time taken by Rahim to travel by car is around 6.

So, the latest time by which Rahim must leave A and still be able to catch the train is 6: If the truck is being driven at 70 kmph, it takes 1. Now S will have atleast have of 59 terms i. Also the sum of 29th term and 30th term is less than Hence, maximum possible elements in S is CAT previous solved papers.

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However, the question which often strikes Aspirants is Why you are tested in Data Interpretation? The key to cracking this area is to quickly identify the key pieces of data that you will require to work on the questions asked. It is not unknown for question-setters of the CAT to try and bewilder students with a large amount of data, most of it unnecessary.

On the other hand, several seemingly innocuous questions may trip you up. Another interesting feature of DI that you as a student can use to your advantage is that, usually, not all questions in a set are of equal difficulty.

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Y etc. Most of these questions can be solved without calculation but by close inspection of the data presented. There are other similarly easy questions in most sets, and you should practice identifying the level of difficulty of questions so you know immediately which ones to attempt and which to avoid.

There is no rule that states that you need to attempt all questions in a set, so it is a perfectly valid strategy to attempt selected questions across your DI section, without perhaps completely attempting even a single set.

These contain several graph and chart type questions, most of which are near CAT level. You can utilize these questions in the initial source of preparation to practice reading data off charts and tables, and then gradually move on to tougher questions from CAT preparation material.

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GRE software comes with the added advantage of an inbuilt timer that keeps you on your toes. Data Sufficiency problems usually take the form of a logical puzzle, and are in the form of a question followed by two statements.

You need to answer whether you can solve the problem using the statements individually, or using both, or whether you cannot solve the problem using the information provided. The key to answering such problems is to pretend like one statement does not exist, try solving the problem, and then pretend like the other statement does not exist and try solving the problem again.

These problems are generally tricky, and I would recommend lots of practice and perhaps solving them near the end of your section, after you have solved the other problems. Although recent CATs have had question sets, be prepared for question sets as well.Guess the extra ingredient?

What will be the number left on the board at the end?

The quant topics are from your class fundamentals, thus, it's only the practice and comfortability with the topic that can help you score well in quant and not the engineering or non-engineering background. Many of these questions have been inspired by past year CAT questions. Recommended For You. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number.

CAT English papers Advertisements CAT is considered to be the most prestigious and the most challenging management entrance tests of the country.

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