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Teacher's resource materials. ▻ Gateway Online. ▻ Gateway Interactive Classroom. Teaching notes page B1 Workbook answer key page page should learn, and the earlier the better. Here are ten good reasons why! Time to cook! TEENAGERS. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Gateway to life skills: Physical. Topic based units focused on School Leaving exam topics and topics addressing the concerns of the age group such as going to.

Write questions for these answers. My mum is working at the moment. My uncle and aunt live in Liverpool. When you finish, think of similar questions to ask. What do you do on Fridays? I go out with my friends. Unit 1 International cultural knowledge British teenagers and their parents I Strict parents are parents who have very clear rules for their children to follow and obey.

Work with a partner. Do you think these statements are true T or false F? British parents are very strict. British parents don't like being strict. A lot of people are saying that there are problems with teenagers at school, on the streets and in their homes. What, or who, is responsible for these problems? A recent BBC television series explores these questions. It's called 'The world's strictest parents'.

Is that because British parents are very strict? Just the opposite, it seems. The director of the programme, Andrea Wiseman, explains why they are making it. She thinks that in the United Kingdom teenagers pay no attention to adults. They don't want to do well at school. They think they can do what they like and they are only interested in new fashions and Hollywood celebrities.

Why are British teenagers like this? They don't tell their children to work hard because they don't want their kids to have any stress. The problem with this is that parents give their sons and daughters no cultural values. When a teenager does something bad and their parents say something, the teenagers immediately say 'My parents are really strict' or 'My parents aren't fair'.

So what happens in the TV programme? Some problematic British teenagers go and live with parents in different parts of the world. They live with families that believe in traditional discipline and cultural values. In Ghana, Jamaica, Botswana and the southern US state of Alabama, the teenagers have the experience of living with parents who want and expect good behaviour and hard work.

The results are interesting. In the end, the British teenagers seem to prefer having strict parents! Read the text. Check your answers from 1. What is The world's strictest parents'? It's a television programme British adolescents and about discipline. What negative things do British teenagers do, in Wiseman's opinion? What negative things do British parents do, in Wiseman's opinion?

What are the negative effects on teenagers when parents act in this way? What happens to the British teenagers in The world's strictest parents'? How strict do you think parents are in your country? I'd like to watch it. Because I'd like to see the British teenagers living in these different countries.

What is happening? Verse 1 come home in the morning light, My mother says "When you gonna live your life right? The song appears in many films, adverts and TV series, including an episode of The Simpsons. I'm from quite a big family. I've got t w o brothers and a sister. At the m o m e n t I'm reading a Sherlock Holmes book. Right n o w I'm listening t o their latest CD.

W r i t e back soon if you'd like t o be my e-pal. I love t r a v e l l i n g a n d Name Alanna My country Ireland discovering new countries. M y sister and I are almost the same age and w e go everywhere together.

I love listening to all types of music. I'm Silvia.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Tell your e-pal: English is my favourite subject at school. This year I'm doing extra classes and I also read books in English.

My father works in a bank and my m o t h e r is a teacher. Look at this advert from a teenager called Alanna. Match the paragraphs in Silvia's email with their content. What does Alanna want? Would you be interested in contacting her?

Category Main aim I speak Language. Best wishes Silvia: Hi Alanna! That's often a good t h i n g. To finish an informal email letter we can use: Let me tell you about myself. Do you think this person is a good e-pal for Alanna?

We use it when we mention something for the first time. The dogs in that park don't look very there is only one of. We also use the to talk about something unique.

Are they watching? Spelling Use We use the present simple to talk about: I've jot a dog. I like cheese. We use it to refer to something or somebody previously mentioned. Spelling See page for rules about spelling the -ing form. The dog is really big.

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It's a labrador. People are friendly here. No article We do not use an article with plural countable nouns or uncountable nouns when we are talking about people or things in general. Use We use the present continuous to talk about: He's an engineer. We also use the to talk about specific things or people. See page for rules about spelling the third person singular form. I'm having a shower.

I've got a dog. We have our English class on permanent situations. Tigers are dangerous. They live in a bij city.

The people I saw yesterday The cheese is in the fridge. Some verbs are not usually used in the present continuous because they describe states not actions: Time expressions we often use with the present simple: I live with my mum. He's young. My mum says she present simple and the present continuous. Uncle Jack's. My dad doesn't 1 2. He normally a come Ah! I prefer my mum not to get married He doesn't want to get married at the moment.

In fact. I remember when he was born. He's the son of my Uncle Jack. Verb 1 have 2 lie 3 write 4 try 5 get 6 miss 7 do 8 cut 6 5 Third person singular -ing form 2 Choose the correct word to complete the sentences. The family Complete the text with the appropriate words. I can't see the blackboard if you sisters but I spend a lot of time with my d George. She's middlefa I think she's 50 this year. I love my MP3 player!

What a great This program There are two or three! That's a big Gan you sit there. I was there at the hospital on the day of his e f My Aunt Angela. She wants to be a secondary school teacher because she likes working with A dictionary gives you be and free. I give it an 8. A robbery is when somebody Vandalism is when somebody and damages it. Mugging is when somebody takes their money using violence. A theft is when somebody things from a shop.

Crime burglary murder robbery Criminal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 burglar A murder is when somebody A burglary is when somebody things from it. Use your dictionary to check your answer. You can use one word three times.

What do you think about mugging? Unit 2. Why is it good to guess information about words before you look them up in a dictionary? Then use your dictionary to check and complete the table.

Put them in order of how serious you think they are. What are the crimes? Compare your ideas. But the businessman was surprised and suspicious when the large parcel turned up at his house. Prison guards in Vienna got a big surprise yesterday.

Four young people attacked Copperfield after a show in Florida. Soon afterwards. Match the underlined words in the stories with their definitions. They illustrate newspaper stories about crimes or criminals. Federsohn was in prison for two years for theft. When he left prison and lived on the outside. What about the story with the car? I think that somebody steals the car when the boy is taking a photo of it.

They discovered a young man just outside the prison.

How did the police catch Lee Hoskins? How did the Colombian burglar get into the rich man's house? Which story do you prefer and why? They learnt an important lesson: Lee Hoskins was stealing an Opel Astra when he came across a camera inside the car.

Can you match the titles of the stories with the pictures? There is one title you do not need. But they found out that the young man.

Because he's very clever. They thought that he was escaping. The thieves didn't wait to look for them. But when the robbers were looking for something to steal.

The police soon worked out who the thief was! Q Burglar in a box 2 Work with a partner. I can't do that with my mum. From the titles and pictures. So what did he do? He and his girlfriend took photos of each other next to the car. The police arrested the men when they were running away.

Copperfield had money. A Colombian criminal had an original idea for a burglary. He got inside a box and a friend sent him by.

They quickly ran away from the scene of the crime but they left the camera inside the car. The criminals didn't steal anything from him.

Detlef Federsohn. He didn't think it was normal to receive this big parcel and so he called the police. When the thief finally came out of the box. At first. Officers k Nuremburg.. My mother doesn't do that. One night a girl and her boyfriend a were be in the middle of a long phone stop conversation about their future.

I d Complete the sentences with the correct past simple forms of be. What did he do? They give you your meals. He didn't think about it. But call kind of danger. How many can you think of in five minutes?

A — ate. Which sentences are in the present simple and which are in the past simple? Take it in turns to ask and answer the questions in 5. The girl c d f become very worried. They I or a burglar.. Suddenly the boyfriend b talking. The objects weren't there. She begin to shout but he e think that her boyfriend g not reply. Which letters come just before -ed in the words in this list? Write an A to Z of irregular past simple forms. He had money in his pockets. She be in some not know what to do.

They just find the boyfriend sleeping next to the phone! Complete these questions about the text in 4 with the past simple form of the verbs. How do we pronounce the -ed ending in each list? List B: He was outside the prison. The CIA 3 They found the knife by accident in the garden. The CIA began to investigate the case.. Sherlock Holmes 6 After their investigation. They 4 The knife appeared unexpectedly in the garden. Phrasal verbs connected with investigating and finding 1 Find the phrasal verbs in the stories on page 19 and match them to the definitions below.

They often stole c a r s too. After their investigation. Student B: Student A Bonnie and. Prepare questions to ask your partner to find the missing information. Bonnie c They robbed d in Student A: The knife 5 Sherlock Holmes used logic to solve crimes. Your sentences must include the phrasal verbs in 1. They chose this number because on old telephones it was very difficult to ring the number by accident. The SIS generally works in Britain! The first police headquarters were in a place called Great Scotland Yard.

The navy was popular. This was the colour of the navy. The first police woman started work in In they moved to a different place. Now i t isn't important how tall or short you are. People called this New Scotland Yard. Green was the colour of the army uniform and the army wasn't verypopular at the time So Peel decided to make police uniforms blue.

What about youl Do you think real secret agents have exciting lives? Would you like to be a secret agent or a police officer? It began in Women became a regular part of the police force at this time because many men were away fighting in the First World War. It is just metres from the Houses of Parliament in London. The emergency number to call the police in Britain is People called the first police cars 'panda cars' because they had panels of different colours.

People sometimes call police officers 'Bobbies'. It was tied around her neck with a piece of rope. Each man carried a gun. The handle came from the floor of the car. Why had M sent Vesper. Vesper was next to him. He would ask Mathis what had happened to Vesper. Tomorrow he would show Mathis the note. It appeared in There were three men and the girl in the Citroen. This job was more important than Vesper.

She had a sack over her head. Bond drove faster and faster. Le Chiffre was driving. Decide if the sentences are true T or false F. Bond took a gun from under the driver's seat. He put it on the seat beside him. Prepare it and present it. When he went round a corner.

The Citroen was only a kilometre or two ahead. He would not pay Le Chiffre's men the forty million francs.

Bond's Bentley was travelling at kilometres an hour. There was no wind. The Bentley was only a kilometre behind. There was a thick handle next to the man's left hand. Do you know anything about the fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes?

Make notes on these topics: But Le Chiffre and his men kidnap Vesper. He knew that Le Chiffre's men would give him the girl if he gave them the cheque. A l l right. During the Second World War. What do you think is going to happen just after this scene? He stopped the car and all three men jumped out. The Bentley was speeding towards them.

They ran back to the crossroads. But if he didn't catch them. Le Chiffre slowed to fifty kilometres an hour. A t that moment. The man put his fingers round the handle. Fleming worked with spies in the Intelligence department of the British Navy. The text here describes what happens when Bond follows Le Chiffre and Vesper in his car.

He could see a crossroads ahead. The Crash Soon Bond was speeding along the coast road. The tall. Le Chiffre watched Bond's car in his driving mirror. He was angry. They made a film of Casino Royale in He would say nothing to Mathis about the Citroen. The man who had carried the walking-stick gun was beside him.

Unit 2 Mathis is another local agent working with Bond.

Crimes Criminals Phrasal verbs connected with investigating and finding

His name was Ian Fleming. Le Chiffre loses all his money when he plays cards with Bond. Take it in turns. A n old man saw the boy when he was stealing the sunglasses. A policeman arrested the boy while he was leaving the supermarket. The boy was staying with his uncle at the time.

The sunglasses were red. The boy's mum was looking for a pair of sunglasses too. A completed action in the past. An activity in progress in the past. An activity in progress in the past interrupted by a sudden action. What do you think is the first thing to do in this type of activity? She took me back to the supermarket and I gave the sunglasses back. What did the boy decide to do after this crime? L Unit 2. Listen and decide if each statement is true T. Two completed actions in the past that happened one after the other.

One of you closes the book and the other asks questions. Have you got good powers of observation and memory? Look at the scene for two minutes. What type of objects do people steal from shops? I just put the sunglasses in my pocket. Then work with a partner. The boy doesn't like wearing sunglasses now. Think of three things that are true and three that are false.

She immediately started to look inside her bag. Are your stories similar or different? Which story do you prefer? Write complete sentences to answer the questions about the story. Didn't you know? He's in prison. Why not? One afternoon a young girl was sitting in a cafe drinking tea. She watch TV at home.

Suddenly a man ran into the cafe and shouted her name. What were you doing at 8am last Saturday? I was revising English. Her name was. What a doing Let's see. Why were you revising English at 8am? Because I had an exam last week and I didn't have any other time to study. Which information do you think is 7 Then what did he do?

Look at this example. You need to make your partner think that your false stories are true. I think I b were you help my ring do at 10pm last night? One afternoon a young girl was sitting i n a cafe d r i n k i n g tea.. I think it's false! Because at ten o'clock I went away with my friends for the weekend. She was talking on her mobile phone. You k Bank and you I with ten thousand pounds in it.

Jack Door? I f that time. Mr Banks.. Oh no! So what happened e After that. That's f Listen again and check your answers. A few minutes later. Practise reading the dialogue aloud. I told them and then we left. Answer the questions. We went back to look for it but it wasn't there. I went out with my friends on Saturday night and something terrible 1 C? We were in the town centre. What was the b JAKE: Hi there. Ask Sophie's questions from 3.

How are you? Did you have a good a JAKE: Which pictures from 1 appear in the story? We had a great time but when we were leaving a boy and a girl suddenly came up to me and asked me the time. I looked for my 3 everywhere but I couldn't find it.

But now I haven't got a 6! Make notes to invent what happened to you last weekend. I think the boy and girl 4 when they were asking me the time. Use the Speaking Bank and your notes to help you. Tick the ones which appear in the dialogue. I wanted to call my parents. I called the 5 number. We went to that new 2. Now change roles. Write a letter to a friend telling them about what you found. Use your notes from 3 and the Speaking and Writing Banks to help you.

Read the letter and look at the picture story. Look again at the letter in 1 and complete the information in the Writing Bank. Where were you? Who were you with? What did you find? What did you do with the object? What happened in the end?

What differences can you find between the letter and the pictures? There are two friends in the letter. Last week you found something unusual. I was wanting to see tke concert. Wken the letter arrived. We often use while and as with the past continuous. The sun was skining and tke birds were singing.

Use We use the past simple to: Remember that some verbs are not usually used in the continuous see page It tells us that an action was in progress. At six o'clock I was watcking a film. I hope they turn b them. It's urgent to find f who did it. If you come 1 I was looking a c e my keys yesterday but I couldn't find them anywhere. There are more words than sentences. If they use logic. A A things for no reason. Just wearing a hoodie doesn't make you a criminal. Jo Sparr.

Some people just wear hoodies because that's the fashion.. Do you like hoodies? Teenagers can't wear any clothes that cover their faces or heads. Hoodies are very popular with today's teenagers.. But not all shopping centres are doing the same thing.

You can't see the person's face. N o w that teenagers can't wear hoodies. But at Bluewater shopping centre they are happy. It doesn't make any difference to me what these kids wear. T don't like them. I want hoodies to be illegal.

That is the question in many shopping centres in the U K. Manchester Police looked into the question and found that 1. It depends on who you speak to. A representative from a big shopping centre in Manchester said: Bluewater shopping centre i n Kent recently decided to stop teenagers wearing hooded tops from entering shops. It's really bad when you see a big group o f teenagers together all wearing hoodies. The main reason for this is that security cameras cannot identify teenage criminals who are wearing hoodies.

We prefer to look at each case on a personal level. I can write a basic informal letter about a past event. They can give you ideas about the topic of the text and the vocabulary you are going to hear.

Use basic question words like Who? I can report past events using the past simple and past continuous. Before you listen.

Gateway B1 Student 39 s Book

It's important to know what the examiners want to see in your answer. I can write a basic informal email about myself or somebody I know well. I can understand written and spoken texts about crimes and the police.

Find out how many marks there are and what you need to do to get a good mark. I can understand conversations about families and family life. I can ask for and give basic personal information. I can explain sequences of events in the past using expressions of sequence and time. I can talk about different crimes and investigations. How often doyou see this person? Give yourself a mark from 1 to 4.

I can make nouns using the suffixes -ment. Do more practice exercises. I want to visit Cardiff and go camping. Decide if we use do or make with each word. How do you revise vocabulary before an exam? How often do you translate from and into English? How do you feel about writing in English? How often do you do English homework?

When do you take English exams? How do you feel when you make mistakes in English? Do you prefer practising speaking. I'd like to visit Wales because I enjoy watching rugby. Are your answers similar? What nouns can you make from them? Make notes. Can you think of other verbs we can use with the words?

Learning a language 5 Look at these words. Use your notes to talk about the countries you would like to visit and explain why. Japan — love the fashion and shopping 4 b Work in small groups. How do you study English outside school? Dutch English an exercise an essay homework an exam a mistake Nationality Brazilian Austrian Welsh Language s Portuguese study — student 6 Look at these words.

Grammar Vocabulary Speaking Writing. Wales — like rugby. They are all verbs. I watch DVDs in the original version too I do my homework and I sometimes read books in English.. A pirate version in Vene zuela m 2 0 0 3 contained many mistakes.

At tke moment. Tke translator occasionally put a few of kis own informal messages into tke text. All the translators used the same technique to translate Rowling's invented words. Jean-Francois Menard. Rowling's books kad some special difficulties. Read the first sentence of each paragraph and match them with these topics. This was because the author wanted the story to be a total secret. I love Harry Potter!

But in Brazil tke translator invented ker own Portuguese words to express tke ideas and sounds of tke original words. People sold tkem on tke streets illegally.

I I n otker countries suck as Ckina. Unit 3. Some people translated the books without official permission. But approximately m i l l i o n copies do not contain any lines from the authors original text. What do you think of them? Tkat's because tbey are translations. Look at these book covers? Could you read these books?

You are going to read a text about translating the Harry Potter books. Are these statements true T. Tke autkor didn't receive any money from tkese kooks and often tke translations were not very good. Spanisk readers find most of tkese words exactly tke same as in Englisk. One kig proklem was with invented words and names. Latin and Ancient Greek. The translators didn't have much time because they could only begin when the English version appeared in the shops. Good idea. In that case. They had a little time to check their work.

On the other hand. Are they countable or uncountable? We haven't got j at the moment. There are a lot of invented words. And get 2 b All the words in bold are types of food. Biscuit is just one example. What about sugar? Have we got d ALEX: And we need to get g bananas? Can you guess what it is? That explains why the word banana comes from an African language.

Then answer questions a. Look at the words for food in exercise 2a for example. The words in bold all express quantity. They do not contain any lines from the original text. He added a few informal messages into the text. They needed some time to do the job well. I'm going shopping this afternoon. What do we need to get? Have we got a ALEX: Did the author receive any money from these books? There were not many mistakes in the official translations.

There was not much time. They didn't have a lot of time. Look at the photos and choose a country. Stress the negative prefix.

Say the words with normal stress and then say them with stress on the negative prefix. You need to discover your partner's country by asking questions with any. Make notes about things that there are or aren't in this country.

Use these words and phrases for ideas. Your partner can only answer 'Yes' or 'No'. Is there a lot of snow? It's possible to go up Mount Everest in a day. What do they have in common? What is the opposite of each word? You may complete each sentence with two or three different ideas. Is there any snow there? Use these ideas. How is the pronunciation of the word irregular different in the two dialogues? Do many people live there? Write minidialogues similar to the second dialogue in 3a.

Complete these sentences about your language. You couldn't see the words. For the airlines of countries out of in the world. China alone produces over 20 million English speakers a year!

Now the English language does not just belong to the English. English has become the most global of languages. This means that. Why do you think they call it this? They were all in English. Click I V e r y English as an international language different: Austrians eat Big Macs.

French motorists going away for a weekend break pause for fewer fuelling stops. French and Flemish. Many people are learning English as a second language. In India there are more than 3. Italians program their computers with il software. Spaniards have a flirt. This is a difficult question because so many people speak it in so many 5 different countries and situations. Belgium has two languages. Many companies and businesses use English.

I counted more than fifty posters and signs and not one of them was in French or Flemish. Did any of the information about English surprise you? How important do you think it is in your country to learn English?

Other languages often use English words. Poles watch telewizja. Graddol says that there are approximately million native English speakers around to the world. When Volkswagen set up a factory in Shanghai it found that there were too few Germans who spoke Chinese and too few Chinese who spoke German. As David Graddol tells us.

Gateway B1 Student 39 s Book

Just to compare that with other languages. For better or worse. Why do these words or numbers appear in the text? Read the text again. But in the case of Mandarin Chinese people 15 do not generally speak i t outside China.Share Your Results. Use the email in 1 as a model and include expressions from the Writing Bank. Writing Sample IV. What do you think the text is about? We haven't got j at the moment. Could you repeat that? I think they are an important part of family life.

They discovered a young man just outside the prison.

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