BIN put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self file then inside the self. and then use my tool to resign them as DISC Eboot for ODE. .. as NON-DRM EBOOT/SELF, Try to use True Ancestor EBOOT/Self Resigner PS3 TrueAncestor SELF Resigner v by jjkkyu TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder & TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner Add output for ODE. 3. However, this time I resigned it to NON-DRM Eboot using True Ancestor Resigner, however this time I changed to resign to firmware ODE.

Trueancestor Eboot Resigner Ode

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4-download true ancestor self resigner version , paste the file in the same folder with the resigner,get the game's rap file, (you. kautismSFOEditorV TrueAncestor SELF Resigner v_CN. TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner ODE Fixed by Joonie. BIN put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self file then inside the self. and then use my tool to resign them as DISC Eboot for ODE. .. as NON-DRM EBOOT/SELF, Try to use True Ancestor EBOOT/Self Resigner


I entered on my PS3 Super Slim 4. Then I tried to inject this to my backup, however TABR informs me that I need a game update patch to place on the folder game.

So after seeing how is the update folder structure, I created my own update I just duplicated the same game files, however changing the param. Everything in place, and now having my own game update, I came back to True Ancestor and tried injecting it again, and now, it worked!!! ALMOST Again the game showed up on XMB, however it did not start, however, the error message now was different, I received the error message an error occurred during the start operation Is possible to find a way to resign this eboot.

Please help me brothers!!! I always had a dream to be able to create and play a game on consoles, from since Super Nintendo. Althought today PC is a very good platform for gaming, anyway, I think consoles still hold a special place on the hearts of many gamers, especially the older ones like me who grew up playing game consoles in front of a TV screen. Program authentication fail Error starting BluRay game Related error: When related to eboot.


An error occurred during the start operation. Those errors numbers are the same we have with injected games,nothing new.

Eboot shouldnt be touched We can inject everything on ofw even multiman , but nothing works.

So, until i can understand, we can not run anything on ofw without a legit eboot. It means we could have a cfw too.

Know nothing beyond this. Good luck. As always, thanks bro for giving me this support, for always promoting my project and helping me getting in touch with other developers PLAYER 1: Joonie86 , Mar 28, College student and freelance Location: Indonesia , Bali.


Apr 1, Joonie86 , Mar 31, DarkKitarist , Apr 1, Dec 29, Occupation: YouTube Partner. Hi Joonie86 I am having some problems, could you write me on skype?

IDK , Apr 2, Mar 15, Occupation: Computer Technician, part time construction worker Location: California for now, until I move to kick ass Texas. Success AND Failure! I just wanted to chime in here and tell you first off thank you for this wonder Resigner app of yours! This is my story of Success using your tool.

Merge 3. XX option. Add supporting resign 4.

Converting a Psn game into A retail game ?

XX options. Fix 4. Re-make user interface and script. Re-make scetool key file appldr to 4. Add 3.

Fix 3. Fix a script logic. Add keys to 4.

Add DEX support. U like this.

This game is visual appealing and puts you in front of a classic pinball machine for an adventurous experience. Checkout what the developer had to say about this issue below and seems we may have a new PS3HEN update 2. Duck Hunt - Remake by Lapy: Celebrating 35 Years of Duck Hunt Update: Along with various other developer's Lapy is doing a huge part to bring us some great homebrew games.


This time around the dev wanted to remake an iconic classic in Duck Hunt. However in this remake powered by Unity-3D the motion controls are done on the DualShock 4, bring back a great classic to your modern TVs with ease. I am sure many of you have great memories of this game or if not its worth a look as this was routinely packed along on the same cart as Super Mario Bros. The only question now, Could we be seeing the " Clay Shooter Mode " in the future, like we see in the classic version?

Zackloader Thanks, standard tool in my pc Zackloader , May 2, Zoilus link is not working.

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Zoilus , Nov 27, U and Zoilus like this. Zoilus cool thanks!! Last edited:I entered on my PS3 Super Slim 4.

Now a dialog will open and close. PKG and it don't work. BIN to 4. After coming across a post that said just take any.

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